Why Google Plus is becoming essential for UK’s small business

Social media and how to use it in business remains a conundrum for many and for small businesses in particular, with limited time and resources, it tends to fall by the way side.

However, when businesses do take a leap of faith and take their first tentative steps into social media it has mainly been via Facebook and Twitter, with barely a second glance at Google Plus.

While this is understandable in terms of where their customers are likely to be hanging out, it overlooks the importance that Google plays in their online world and more importantly how Google plan to use Plus in the future.

Google treats all google plus posts as a web page

Every post you make on your Plus page is treated by Google as a mini web page that will be added to their search listings. So effectively every post increases your profile on the UK’s most popular search engine.

The same can not be said of Facebook and Twitter, which have often found their posts not listed or given a lower priority. With the proliferation of this content it is likely that Google will continue to prioritise their search bots on collecting data from google plus rather than other social media.

Google Plus has become the gateway to google services

Google has begun to bring all of its varied services together, using your google plus page as the entry point. You may have noticed that your Google Places has now become Google Business and is linked directly to your google plus page. Similarly you will find online reviews and comments are tightly integrated with YouTube, which also now requires you to have a Google Plus page to login.

The good news is that linking all this content together is great for how visible your business becomes on the internet, reaching wider and bigger audiences, but to benefit you need to have your Google Plus page running and up to date with good content.

Our customers don’t use Google Plus?

Although your UK customers may not be talking about Google Plus, increasingly the services they are using are being wrapped up in to it. With Google taking the view that content generated across its own platforms is the most important (and why wouldn’t they) businesses can no longer afford to ignore it.

Can you afford not to be on Google Plus

Google is the most used search engine in the UK, by a long, long way and Google’s chrome browser is now the most used worldwide.  So the real question is, if Google Plus will improve your online reach and improve your SEO can you afford to ignore it?

Stuart Lanham of Smart Cookie Marketing comments:

“Social media is relevant to some businesses but not all, so small businesses should always consider what is the best use of their most limited resource…. time.

However, Google Plus is increasingly becoming much more than a social media mechanism, with its impact on search listings now and the future making it something small businesses should be looking in to now.”

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