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Planning your way to success

Like most things in business, and life for that matter, success is often underpinned by a strong strategy and a good/clever plan... and marketing is no different.

Developing a clear marketing strategy and plan ensures that you have clear defined goals, are focused on what will deliver them and ensures that you maximise your budget (or as some like to put it... making sure you get more bang for your buck!).

Marketing strategy and plans are not just for big corporate companies, they are arguably more important where there are less resources and tighter budgets. A clear strategy and focused plan ensures that your business uses its time and resources on the things that are most important to its success, and reduces unnecessary wastage.

How does it work

For many smaller businesses who are already working flat out a marketing strategy and/or plan is almost considered a luxury, rather than a must have.

With years of experience at putting together highly successful marketing plans for major UK brands, we can help you take a big stride forward by helping you develop a marketing plan to support and grow your business.

We understand that any strategy and plan should be based around your vision, thoughts and objectives and so much of this process is understanding this and then developing a strong marketing platform.

Initially you may wish to concentrate on specific areas of your strategy or plan such as:

  • Communications
  • Digital / online / website
  • Social media
  • Website


Benefits to your business

Smart Cookie's Strategy & Planning approach is a big success with clients who are able to leverage both our marketing knowledge and expertise to delvier a realistic plan that will work for your business.

We work with many small businesses in Worthing, Brighton, Sussex and across the UK on marketing projects that deliver more leads, improve customer retention and strengthen their business model, contact us to find out more.


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